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15 / 12 / 2022


CycloTurtles will bring the community the value of Longevity through marine conservation efforts by partnering with Beyond Coral  to create awareness of the CHARM robot and collaborations with other Green Chip NFT projects.

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What are we doing with Beyond coral foundation?

We will be purchasing a CHARM Ai Robot ( Coral Farming Robot ) to place on our community meetup location (Reconnect island) over in Buka Buka island, Indonesia to help accelerate the positive impact on the coral triangle.

What is greenchipNFT?

Green Chip NFTs are a collective of projects working directly with founders of organisations that work to solve chronic world issues by using the most effective solutions. The founders of these NFT collections, have delved in to areas such as:

  • Marine Conservation
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Reforestation
  • Wildlife conservation

By working directly with organisations that have a wealth of knowledge the aim is to create awareness and push forward with a strong community backing on the ground level. This is how digital communities can work together to make in real life physical changes.

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Where does the 10% pool come from?

NotEssential is constantly building sources of revenue:

  • NFT collections
  • Con3x store ( NFT Wearables )
  • Future Developments

all these and future sources of revenue will contribute to the profit pool.

Rewards will be claimed on the polygon through our DApp to help reduce gas costs giving more back to our community.

You can access the dashboard through Conn3x Store (link)

*Only for Holders of our Genesis collection
(CycloTurtles NFT)