Our goal is to make sure your investment is safe, secure and upholds longevity. The NotEssential Team will deploy several strategies to ensure that your investment appreciates and stands the test of time through ongoing web3 service development, philanthropic efforts, strategic marketing and community engagement.


We will be hosting on the OtherSide Metaverse. We are looking to the future, whilst putting our energy into the present to expand our horizons into the Metaverse. NotEssential driven projects and games will be our communities’ source in creating a long-lasting ecosystem with additional educational gateways and avenues for mental health awareness.


Education is a gateway to success. As our company develops our holders will gain access to growth and development resources, creating a network of like-minded individuals that share the same values and core beliefs. Access to these networks will not only support individuals but will create a strong well-rounded community that grows together. Our focus will be Alpha’s on NFTs, Forex, Crypto, e-commerce and virtual real estate all brought to our holders.


If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. NotEssential will continue to support individuals/organisations that work tirelessly to find solutions to global issues. Our goal is to create avenues of change by helping fund passion projects that have a greater impact and transparency on targeting global issues at the ground level.


We work hard but also recognise the need for downtime. One of our goals is to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical world by hosting multiple social events around the world. In collaboration with other #GreenChipNFT projects we will be hosting beach clean up around the world. All community members will be invited to share their experiences and create meaningful connections.


Individually we are NotEssential. Together we are all essential. We hold utmost importance to community feedback. Being an active, loyal member of the community will give you the power of decision making through surveys and community votes.


We will continue to collaborate with other projects and industry leaders to really shake up the space. You will get the chance to be part of the creative direction. Check out our weekly NotEssential Newsletter