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“Strong entrepreneurial background, One with nature”

Sugar Kane AKA Keyan is an entrepreneurial force behind NotEssential. By the time he was 8 he migrated from Sri Lanka to Australia with no English and fleeing a war. Safe at home in Australia you would find Keyan pulling apart any device he got his hands on trying to reverse engineer the inner mechanisms, a keen young soul who may have had a few bad encounters with electricity…

As the years went on and Keyan entered the world with a drive to learn and expand, he became the life of any party, outgoing and down to try anything from boating to water sports to travel, flying planes, meeting people all over the world and just having a thirst for any experience outside of his comfort zone.

Collaborating in the expansion of this company is just the beginning for Keyan, as his future is bright along with his passion for living a different life connected to nature and community which continues to get stronger everyday.

A man full of laughter, optimism and a big smile. Left home at the age of 21 in search of a new life and path. Started by working at one of the top four banks in New Zealand as a risk Analyst to find his passion in the financial markets. Spending late nights trading crypto, forex and stocks to be able to walk away from his 9-5.

Today KingVing is the co-founder of NotEssential leading the way in web3 innovation. NotEssential to Kingving, is all about providing opportunities, creating avenues of change through the power of blockchain. Web 3 gives us the ability to dream like kids and bring those dreams, ideas and thoughts into fruition. Kingving wants to provide anyone and everyone with financial education, to ensure they are not bound by the boundaries of a desk/9-5. Freedom is the goal and Key.

Crawford began his career as a physiotherapist, working predominantly in the aged care and disability sector due to his affinity to help others. Eventually through hard work and persistence he made his way up the corporate ladder and is a operations leader for a large private healthcare company.

Always thinking outside the box. He’s the resident storyteller with his main medium being words. Give him a pen and a pad and he will cook up an epic universe. His previous creative ventures includes author of a children’s book, brewing beer and pursuing a career in music, the creative direction and knowledge have all led towards the creation of the CycloVerse which encompasses all the teachings from each of these creative spaces.

A Creative genius his ability to bring ideas to life through visual art is as impressive as his minds ability to conjure up new and exciting ideas. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words but his art encompasses a whole library

Choc Rice a true creative being. From day 1 he would often be found as a youngster either making art or watching cartoons for further inspiration. What has changed now? Nothing! Except that he draws inspiration from everywhere and now with the addition of a digital canvas to his steadily growing art arsenal the possibilities are endless. His insatiable hunger to find ways of feeling through a visual medium made him the only choice to lead the artistic visions of NotEssential.

Mike (The Hill Williams) Spaulding, is our very own battle tested cultivator of kindness, part time author, and lover of all living things. Throughout life, he has chosen to help build all around him. He has served this function as a father, a teacher , a custom contractor, and an author. His intimate knowledge regarding the connectivity of life allows him to live purposefully in every minute. His drive is to heal all. He joins us aiming to provide necessary freedoms mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically for all willing to stand together for positive collective change and growth.

Juicebox is at the dawn of his entrepreneurial career, finding himself deeply rooted in the space of cryptocurrency and Web3. He’s a young, switched-on intellectual with a smile that could get himself out of anything, You’ve been warned !

Juice is full of heart with an enduring passion to give back, to his community and those that walk with him on his path.

KashPop is a staple addition to the NotEssential team he has worked across multiple large companies in risk and finance. His ability with numbers and previous track record in the corporate world has placed him in the optimal position to spearhead NotEssential’s financial structure and build out a sustainable ecosystem. He has great knowledge of risk mitigation and spends his time finding solutions to increase the success of businesses. We believe moving forward all Web3 projects need to have a KashPop in their line up.

From a very young age Shazza had a drive for self-learning mechanical and technological structures, you would often catch him pulling apart his toys and anything else he could find, to explore its functions. As a young boy he would help his dad and uncle build motors from scratch. This drive continued into larger projects which allowed him to establish a great sense of interest for the mechanics of cars and boats.
In addition to his skillset, Shazza has a cultivating persona, you could call him an animal whisperer. His advertence for wildlife has assisted with many situations, such as rescuing injured wildlife and providing personal rehabilitation.
Shazza has since ventured out to new opportunities leading to the corporate world, working a 9-5. However, Shazza felt like he was missing something from his purpose to the community and therefore joining NotEssential, he gained hope and found opportunities to help and be a part of the change to the world.